Nov 27

Inverness Christmas Parade

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For those of you who can’t satisfy your post-season golfing urge with a trip to the warmer climates, we have just the thing! Yes, it’s something other than working on your swing while on a conference call or perfecting your form while waiting for your coffee to brew in the morning. The community of Inverness is re-introducing the annual Christmas parade!

Set for December 10th, the day will begin with a parade down the main street, followed by a family skate with hot chocolate and carols and, for the grand finale, the Christmas tree lighting with Santa Claus. Cabot Links is thrilled to have a float in the parade! While we can’t reveal all of the details just yet, I will tell you that our float will include golfers!

Originally, we thought the float would include only kids but, after some consideration, we felt it would be best to broaden the range. After all, if someone in your house has thrown a tantrum because they had to spend the weekend at their in-laws, missing their bi-weekly scramble tournament, chances are good that this person was not your six year old.

So, If your idea of a perfect winter day involves a toque, a putter and spreading Christmas cheer, Cabot Links has just the activity for you! We’re accepting names now! Who’s in?

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