Aug 06

Top 10: Inverness Sunset Photos

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The west coast of Cape Breton, where lies the small town of Inverness, has long been known as the "Sunset Side" of the Island. Those who've had the pleasure of visiting are likely aware of how this title came to be.

For those who haven't, there is this list:


Golden Links

By Ellen MacEachen

Ellen MacEachern 2

Pink Sky at Night

By Ashley Kennedy MacNeil


Mermaid Hair

By Fiona MacLellan

Fiona MacLellan_Mermaid hair


Twilight Tranquility

By Jeff Hutcheson


Sunset Through The Hay Field

By James MacLellan

James macLellan_Hayfield through the sunset_Facebook_Aug 2

Mirror Image

By Gabriel Alexander MacDonald

Gabriel Alexander Macdonald_Facebook 2

New Horizon

By Stephen Rankin

Optimized-Stephen Rankin_Inverness Beach_email

 Peaceful Setting

By Justin Johnson


Fetching Light

By Laura MacArthur

Laura MacArthur_Man and Dog


By Lauren Harrison

Lauren Harrison_email_Inverness Sunset From the beach

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