Celebrating Women's Golf Day 2019 at Cabot


Women’s Golf Day is an event celebrating women and girls playing golf and learning skills that last a lifetime. A four-hour global experience, Women’s Golf Day events have been held at over 900 venues in 52 countries with participation from over 50,000 women and girls over the past three years. As an official WGD location, Cabot joined the celebration this year by hosting our very own Women’s Golf Day event. In the spirit of growing the game, we invited women from across the province to join us for a day of golf here at Cabot. With experience ranging from beginners to decorated scratch golfers, we had a little something for everyone including two full golf clinics! Above is a photo of our WGD participants for 2019. 

To further celebrate this great day, we put together a list of some of our favourite #CabotStories from our female golfers!


Meagan Fitzgerald_Cabot Stories-1

I have been fortunate to travel up to Cabot five times now, so there are many great memories.  My favourite Cabot story is from last year’s trip - breaking 80 for the first time ever and celebrating with a glass of wine and spectacular views outside the Cabot Bar.

- Meagan Fitzgerald



This may have been the #1 golf trip ever for us (and we have been to many top courses). The courses were magnificent and the accommodations were fantastic. Top class place to visit. As a couple, I the female, did not feel like I was at a "guys golf trip" resort. Understated elegance. I want to come back and bring more couples so they can experience this. 
Would recommend this to everyone.  Put this on your bucket list! Also, the people in town were great.
Thank you for building this and thinking of everyone when you designed the hotel and rooms.

- Peggy Ramthun
   Indian Beach, NC, USA



I was supposed to meet a friend at Cabot last year, but at the last minute she wasn’t able to go. I decided to make the trip solo. I drove from Moncton NB, hopped out of the car and played my first round at the Cliffs. I was paired with a lovely couple from Quebec who were celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary.  The next day I played with a fun couple from Ontario. Beautiful weather, beautiful people and two amazing courses. No regrets about going solo and so grateful for the opportunity!

- Tamara Stephen
   Moncton, NB, Canada



In August 2018, my husband and I returned to Cabot for our second visit.  We had visited the summer before for a quick stay, and fell in love with everything about Cabot Links.  We were only able to play the Links course that trip and everything about our stay was perfect.  I remember, after our round, saying, "That was the best day of my life".

As a brand new golfer I don't remember how I played, because it sure wasn't well, but everything about the course, our accommodations, and the perfect weather, was absolutely incredible. We were very excited to return in 2018 and to be able to play both courses this visit. However, we were accompanied by my brother-in-law, and sister-in-law this time, who are both great golfers. We played Cabot Cliffs the first day, and of course loved it, but we had not arranged for caddies, and this is an important  part of my story.  My sister-in-law and brother-in-law were very disappointed that we had not arranged in advance for caddies.  Well,  there is a reason we didn't. As a second year golfer I was TERRIFIED of having a caddie because, as every new golfer knows....we do not want ANYONE watching us - even those with whom we are golfing!!  

Much to my despair, they arranged for caddies for the following day on the Links course. I actually considered not playing, I was that intimidated! I summoned some courage and decided to play, however, but upon meeting the caddies, told them quite frankly that they were there for my brother-in-law and sister-in-law and to PLEASE not watch me, to in fact pretend I was not there. I was so nervous I felt sick and was so worried that I was going to make a complete fool of myself and was not going to be able to enjoy another gorgeous sunny day at Cabot.

I am not sure I can do justice with words about how that round played out.  The caddies were amazing.  They started off by not really paying much attention to me, which was great!  I hit my first tee shot well, which is always the most stressful part of the game for a new golfer.  So I relaxed a bit and carried on.

Slowly, hole by hole, these 2 wonderful caddies started with little comments here and there,  and LOTS of encouragement, high-fives, and of course little tips.  I was having a GREAT TIME!!  They celebrated each of my good shots with me, and commiserated with the not so great shots, giving me great suggestions and advice when warranted, and kindly ignoring my really bad shots. By the end of the round I was absolutely thrilled to have made yet another big step as a new golfer...I was not afraid of having caddies, which in itself is huge, but I now completely understand the benefits of having caddies because I broke 100  for the first time!!  My score of 98 would have been exciting for me anywhere, but doing it at Cabot, in beautiful Cape Breton (where, incidentally, my Grandmother was born) was, and will always be, very special to me!

I will always remember James MacLellan and Thomas, our two caddies, and thank them for what truly is my new best day ever!! They could not have been more astute in their approach to my nervousness, and my ability as a golfer (or lack there-of).  Their encouragement, patience and expertise made my experience truly wonderful.
I cannot wait to return, and this time will most definitely book caddies in advance!

- Cathy Drury


CabotCliffs_17_FX (1)-1

Last September, my husband and I fulfilled one of his bucket list wishes - to golf at Cabot Cliffs. The views were spectacular and our golf caddies were amazing, we couldn’t have golfed without them. The highlight of our round came on Hole 17 (par 4) which was a blind shot off the tee. Using the advice of my caddie, I aimed completely off target while our 2 playing partners watched from up on the incline. How excited they were to watch my ball roll to within 2 inches of the hole - an eagle to cheer about and remember forever.

Thanks to everyone at Cabot Cliffs for making our stay so incredible and a memory we will cherish forever. Hope to be able to return again.

- Betty Oliver 

We would like to extend a big thank you to all of our female guests and golfers, including those who participated in Women's Golf Day this year and those who shared their beautiful Cabot Stories. WGD is a great reminder to us all, that sometimes all it takes for someone to fall in love with golf, is a little encouragement. If you've yet to give it a try, we hope you pick up a club sometime this summer and head to your local range or golf course!

If you happen to be looking for a golf vacation, here are a couple highlights that make Cabot a great destination for women:

  • Forward tee options (ideal for beginner golfers)
  • High quality amenities and dining 
  • High percentage of female directors, managers, and staff 
  • Female caddies available 
  • Overall environment 

But don't just take it from us! Check out some kind words from Jill McCutcheon in this Golf Digest Editor's Letter, or follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram to hear more Cabot Stories throughout the season! 

We hope you all had a great Women's Golf Day celebration and we hope to welcome you to Cabot sometime soon! 


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