Happy Father's Day from Cabot!

Why is it that Father’s Day and golf seem to go together so perfectly? We think it might have something to do with the memories shared amongst father and family on the course!

It is always a special experience when people choose to celebrate important life moments and milestones with us here at Cabot. It serves as a great reminder that golf can be about so much more than just swinging a club and chasing a little white ball.

This year, we are celebrating fathers everywhere by reflecting on some great #CabotStories from our guests. Whether you are a father yourself, or are celebrating a father in your life today, we hope these stories inspire you to pick up a club and make some memories with those close to you this summer!


Passing on a Love for the Game

Passing on a Love-1

I think I was about 12 years old when I first picked up a golf club. I loved the feeling of hitting the ball and watching it fly. When my son Keaghan was a toddler I would take him golfing and playing whenever I could. Almost fourteen years later we stand together in this place; we both have a love for this game. When we walked together onto the grounds of Cabot it was something we both were in awe of. What they have done here is special. Words and pictures cannot describe it. It was an amazing father-son weekend and those memories will live forever. I feel so blessed to be able to have experienced what Cabot has done. If you have the chance, go. It is like nothing else.

Wade Noiles
Halifax, NS, Canada


Father and Son Experience of a Lifetime

Father and son experience of a lifetime-1

My dad was endlessly talking about his trip and looking forward to golfing at the new gem of golf courses in Canada; Cabot Links. Every day for 3 straight weeks he would talk about the golf, the stay and everything in between. I know that he thought about it that frequently, because he was working 14-hour days helping renovate my house, as we were working on a deadline; my wife and I were expecting our first child in a few short weeks!

His golf trip was originally planned as part of a trip out east with my mom. The whole plan was for him to play in a group with others he didn’t know. Meanwhile, my wife and I were looking for a quick getaway in Canada, with only 4-5 weeks before our baby was due!

We thought it would add to his Cabot experience if we surprised him at the golf course and paid for his round to say thanks for all of his amazing hard work in our house. Arranging all this with my mom and working with the great people at Cabot, I used an alias to book my single spot in his tee time; seeing as he would call the course almost every other day, seemingly just to chat, I couldn’t have my cover blown.

On the day of, we arrived at Cabot a few minutes after him. As I watched him go into the pro shop, I followed shortly and gave him one of the best surprises ever, and one he greatly deserved. It turned an experience of a lifetime for an average obsessed golfer into an experience of a lifetime for a father and son.

Fittingly we tied, both shooting 89 and paring the final hole as the sun set along the ocean.

It was a perfect day, a perfect experience, and a perfect memory for a son and his dad on one of the finest golf courses in Canada.

Dave Tielemans



father to be-1

My Cabot story is one of closing one chapter and opening another. My wife was due with our twins, our first children, in October of 2017. I wanted to have one last week before fatherhood to let it all sink in, and enjoy that time with one of my closest friends. 

I live in Connecticut, and had been researching golf destinations. Cabot looked beyond perfect. I sent a text message to one of my best friends, Jordan in Chicago. I asked him if he would be interested in traveling to Cabot for a few days that July to play golf, explore the region, and enjoy each other’s company before I became a dad. He responded in about a minute saying, “I’m 1,000% in.”

The trip was easy. Excitement and adrenaline made the scenic drive lovely. We played our first round on the Links and were simply in awe. We enjoyed the walk, and it didn’t matter what our scores were. We enjoyed our first sunset on the course as we holed out on 18. Nothing short of majestic. 

The next day we started on Cliffs and it was the round of a lifetime. We laughed the entire day with our caddies, Randid and Derek, who were outstanding. The weather was perfect. The clear skies led to crisp air. I remember every step. A birdie from the left gorse on 11 was a highlight, followed later by a birdie on 17. We relaxed in the chairs for about an hour off of the 18th green. The walk was divine.

We finished the day with 18 on the Links, and dinner outside on the patio of Cabot bar - right off of 18. It was an unforgettable trip that provided the perfect end to my golfing life before children. When I got home I told my wife, “I can’t wait to take our kids to Cabot.”

Max Reiss
West Hartford, CT, USA
Traveled to Cabot with Jordan Rothstein July 2017


Shared Anticipation  

shared anticipation-1

Maybe the greatest Cabot Links story is about rounds that have yet to be played. Let's face it, one of the best parts of golfing anywhere is ANTICIPATION. The excitement of the first tee shot, the hope that the round may be your best.  Maybe your first hole in one. Or, more realistic, who will come out of you, your "A" gamer or worst?

The anticipation of my two sons for our upcoming family trip in June may be greater than the rounds themselves. A winter of emails back and forth, sharing photos of Cabot, constant visits to the Cabot website, and many expressions of gratitude to their Pops for setting the trip up. All of these are worth the price of the rounds which have yet to be played.  We all can't wait.

John Ory


If these stories have you ready to book your father-family golf trip, we invite you to take a look through our website to start planning your trip. If you are feeling extra eager, click below to book now! 

We wish you all a happy Father’s Day, and we hope to see you soon!



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