Photography Weeks: Midpoint Recap

Since the beginning of January, we've been sharing some of our favourite photos on instagram from a variety of guests who visited Cabot in 2018. Each week has been dedicated to a different guest. With representatives from all aspects of the industry, these photos have us shaking off the winter blues and dreaming of golf season!

Now halfway through our 12 #CabotPhotographyWeeks, we decided to provide a little midpoint recap of what we have showcased in the past six weeks. Scroll down for the complete overview!


Week 1: #SjomanWeek

We kicked off our Photography Weeks with #SjomanWeek. A familiar name to any true golf enthusiast, @SjomanArt is known as one of the world's best golf photographers. We were honoured to have him shoot both Cabot Links and Cabot Cliffs this past season!


Week 2: #AshleyMayoWeek

With a passion for all things golf, and an eye for photography, we knew @Ashleykmayo would make a great addition to our #CabotPhotographyWeeks! Filled with beautiful and bright shots from her summer Cabot trip, #AshleyMayoWeek had us dreaming of golf season!  

Week 3: #DapperDriveWeek

Jordan Griggs of @TheDapperDrive is a blogger with a passion for golf travel, as well as golf style and trends. He visited this past fall and captured some great shots throughout #DapperDriveWeek!


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Week 4: #MaritimeEditWeek

After being featured in the @TheMaritimeEdit Fall 2018 edition, we thought it would be nice to share some of the beautiful photos captured during their site visit - some of which were featured in the magazine. #MaritimeEditWeek featured photos by @julianparkinson and @JamesMullinger. 

Week 5:  #JamesMacLellanWeek

The next #CabotPhotographyWeeks feature benefits from a little home field advantage. Born and raised in Inverness, Cape Breton, @james_maclellan_photography spends his summers looping the Links and Cliffs, and capturing some great photos in between. #JamesMacLellanWeek showcased a variety of golf holes, weather conditions, and lighting. 

Week 6: #ChrisFryWeek

With a love for photography and a life-long passion for the game of golf, @TheRealCFry has captured a variety of golf courses throughout North America. Throughout #ChrisFryWeek, we shared photos from Chris's latest Cabot trip - featuring Cabot Links and Cabot Cliffs from ground and aerial perspectives! 

We hope you enjoyed these beautiful and unique photos as much as we have! Continue to follow along on instagram for the remaining six #CabotPhotogaphyWeeks - we have a lot of great photos lined up. 

Do any of these photos have you ready to book your 2019 trip? If so, we recommend booking as soon as possible to secure your preferred room type and tee times! We hope to see you soon! 


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