@RiggsBarstool Talks Cabot

If you've never been to Cabot, but have been considering a trip, you are probably curious about what the full Cabot experience is all about.

We chatted with @RiggsBarstool following his recent buddies trip to Cabot for a quick rundown of his overall experience. You can catch all of the hilarious details of the 5-day trip on Riggs' Fore Play Podcast.


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 1. What was your perception of Cabot before you arrived?

I thought it was this mysterious place "way up there" with a beautiful cliff. That's about all I knew, but people kept telling me I had to get there.


2. What surprised you the most about Cabot?

Two things.

First, the people. The landscape is probably the most spectacular I've ever seen, yet we were more sad leaving the people than we were the venue. It's been a few weeks since we left, and I still routinely text or email a handful of people I met at Cabot. That's rare. Our caddies still send us pics from spots where we hit terrible shots to give us a hard time, and I love every second of it.

Second, the quality of the golf courses all the way through. I knew there were a few stunning stretches, but there's not a single weak hole on the property and there are over a dozen that take your breath away. 


3. What is your favorite hole?

Number 15 on Cabot Cliffs is not just my favorite hole at Cabot, but my favorite hole I've ever played.


4. Best moment of the trip?

 The first day, we invited the caddies back to our villa in between rounds to hang out for a few hours. It was 75 degrees and sunny as we sat out on our porch overlooking the Gulf of St. Lawrence, getting to know new people and with a fresh 18 holes in front of us. Is there anything better?


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5. What makes Cabot a good buddies trip destination?

 Well if you like world class golf spread over spectacular cliffs, fresh & delicious food, a hometown pub scene, cold refreshments, A+ customer service, and putting contests at night over a lit-up 18th green, then I'd venture to guess you'll love your boys golf trip at Cabot.


6. If you could bring anyone to Cabot to play a match against who would it be and why? And what course would you play the match on?

 My brother Kyle. He's my best friend and I'd want to share the Cabot experience with him, but more importantly there's no person I like beating more. And now that I've got some course knowledge, there's no way I'd lose.

And I'd demand we play a 36-hole match because both Cliffs and Links are that good.


To hear more about Riggs' Cabot experience, listen to the Fore Play Golf Pod, where they breakdown their entire 5 day trip, from start to finish.

If reading about one guest's "Cabot experience" has you ready to pack your bags for your own trip to Cabot, you are in luck! Our golf season runs through to the end of October and we would love to welcome you.  Request a booking and our reservations team will get back to you within 24 hours.  


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