Celebrating Cabot's Environmental Initiatives

As we near the end of another incredible season at Cabot, we are taking stock of all we have to be grateful for. Chief among those is the incredible natural beauty surrounding us that draws visitors from all over the world.

At Cabot, environmental stewardship is a fundamental part of how we operate. Here are just some of the initiatives we take to protect and preserve the natural environment.


Commitment to Wildlife Preservation


At Cabot, we have 556 acres of minimally maintained land on our property, providing a natural habitat for native wildlife, including:
  • Bald eagles
  • Ducks
  • Swallows
  • Herrings
  • Piping Plovers
  • Foxes
  • Rabbits
  • Deer
  • Bears

In 2018, we were recognized by the Audubon Certified Cooperative Sanctuary for golf certification at both Cabot Links and Cabot Cliffs; only 78 golf courses in Canada have achieved that certification. In order to be certified, golf courses must meet standards in six categories: Environmental Planning; Wildlife and Habitat Management; Water Conservation; Chemical Use Reduction and Safety; Water Quality Management; and Outreach and Education. We have also installed 20 individual nesting boxes around the woodlands and wetlands on our property, providing homes for native birds


Commitment to Coastal Preservation


This year, we have also undertaken a significant amount of work to stabilize the sand dunes adjacent to our golf courses, helping to prevent coastal dune erosion. Coastal dune erosion is a naturally occurring phenomenon, but to mitigate that process on our course we have recently transplanted Marram grass, which helps to hold the sand dunes in place. All of this is in an effort to prevent erosion, safeguarding our coastline and protecting the habitat for birds that nest in this area, including the Piping Plover


Commitment to Water Preservation

Inverness Beach Beauty shot-1
Photo by: James MacLellan Photography

At Cabot, we understand that water is our earth’s most precious resource. That’s why we have taken aggressive measures to minimize our use of water. One of the ways we do this is by using a drought-tolerant grass on our courses. This minimizes the need for watering the golf courses, and lowers our water usage. In addition, we have rain barrels to collect and reuse water and, perhaps most importantly, the entire turf facility at Cabot Cliffs uses recycled rainwater to clean equipment, for use in washrooms, and for other purposes.Commitment to Water Preservation


Commitment to our Local Community

984_Cabot_J_Sjoman_16BITS_V3 copy

This past year saw the launch of a new initiative, Cabot Cares. Cabot Cares provides Cabot employees with an opportunity to volunteer in their local community while being paid their regular salary/wage by Cabot. Many members of the Cabot team have participated in this program through Community Clean-up and Beach Clean-up events. This is a small way in which we can encourage our teams to help protect the community in which we live and operate.  




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