Photography Weeks: 2020 Recap

We started the year by sharing some of our favourite photos on social media from a variety of photographers who visited Cabot in 2019. Each week was dedicated to a different photographer's work, resulting in an incredible collection of photos! 

As we all look forward to getting back out on the course, these photos have us reminiscing on some great memories!

Read on for a recap of all #CabotPhotographyWeeks features in the list below! 


Week 1: #BrianKrehbielWeek

We kicked off our Photography Weeks with Brian Krehbiel of He not only captured the dramatic landscapes of Cabot through his lens, but also some special moments shared on the course. We were honoured to have him shoot both Cabot Links and Cabot Cliffs this past season!

Week 2: #CouldBeTheDayWeek

With a great portfolio of golf photography, @couldbetheday came to Cabot in July of 2019. Their photos feature all aspects of the Cabot experience, from villas, to dining, to #CabotCaddies, and of course, golf! It was a pleasure to have them capture a mix of what Cabot has to offer!

Week 3: #JamesMacLellanWeek

A familiar #cabotphotographyweeks visit from @James_MacLellan_Photography! Born and raised in Inverness, James currently resides on the other side of Cape Breton Island, but returns each summer to Caddie at Cabot and capture the beauty of the area. With plenty of time spent in Inverness and on the courses, he is able to capture a variety of weather conditions, lighting, and unique angles. 

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Week 4: #ChristianHaferWeek

We were thrilled to welcome @hafe_life and his family to Cabot this past fall! From majestic rainbows, to black and white action shots, Hafer's photos capture the Cabot experience in his signature moody style. 

Week 5:  #JeffBertchWeek

Caddie turned photographer, Jeff Bertch of @linkslandphoto visited Cabot this past fall to put his skills to use capturing Cabot from a variety of angles!

Week 6: #BrianOarWeek

Combining a passion for the game of golf with incredible photography skills, @brianoar has captured a variety of golf courses around the world. Throughout #BrianOarWeek we share photos from Brian's Cabot trip, featuring Cabot Links and Cabot Cliffs from stunning aerial perspectives! 

And that's a wrap! We hope you enjoyed these beautiful photos as much as we have! 


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